RESTNames - A REST Resource for First Names and Gender

This REST webservice is based on a list from Jörg Michael, containing more than 40,000 forenames, its gender and the approximate frequency of each name in all European countries and in a lot of other countries like China, India, U.S.A. and Japan.

The following URLs are starting points for various kind of searches


A list of all countries in the dictionary:

  • First Name and Gender

    Gender of a given name and a list of countries where persons with this name can be found. The list of countries is sortet by frequency starting with the country where the name is the most popular:

  • Parameters

    name: Forename to look up

    First Names in a Country

    To look up the Christian names with at least a medium frequency in a country (e.g. Germany):

  • Parameters

    country: Country to look up


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    Data Source

    File "nam_dict.txt" from, soft-link 0717182

    (c) 2007 by Thomas Bayer.